E-Waste and the Environment

Electronic waste is quickly becoming a large environmental issue in South Africa. We at Compu-Scrap strive to address this problem with our skilled staff and vision.

Electronics tend to have small quantities of very hazardous chemicals that are detrimental to the environment in general. Mercury, Phosphorous, Arsenic (In LEDs) and Lead to name just a few. We believe in the proper handling of such substances from collection through to the final processing steps.

One such example is CRT screens – They contain a certain amount of phosphorous. Phosphorous (When disposed of improperly) can seep into groundwater and subsequently contaminate it, thereby poisoning all the wildlife in the affected area as well as any individuals that are unaware of this pollutant. See the figure below for a graphical representation of this.

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Phosphorous Contamination

This is just one example of how electronic waste is becoming a huge problem in South Africa. We dispose of all electronic waste in a safe and controlled manner, always keeping the environment in mind.

Many companies agree with us, shouldn’t your organisation partner with an electronic recycler that cares about both your companies data as well as the environment? The two aren’t as mutually exclusive as you might think!